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Small Waterproof Bags

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Size Small will hold belongings of 1 person.
Capacity: 4 Liters after rolled up
Diameter: 8.5 inches after rolled up

Available Colors:

Orange, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, White, Purple, Yellow, Red


Wickelfisch swim bags are waterproof and made of lightweight, durable ripstop nylon.  The bags have a fold seal system and a carrying strap designed for easy operation.  Simply place your belongings inside the waterproof bag, roll up the tail seven times leaving air inside the bag, strap on the bag and go for a swim. Since the bag floats, it is also useful when swimming, tubing, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, boating, and wake boarding.  

Although Wickelfisch swim bags can float if folded properly, they should not be used as a safety flotation device.  Wickelfisch does not accept responsibility for electronic devices carried in the bag and recommends using a zip-lock bag or similar item for extra protection when storing electronic devices inside the bag.

Visit WickelfischUSA.com to learn more! Wickelfisch bags can be customized with logos or other designs.  For custom or bulk orders, please email: sales@wickelfischusa.com